Lunamont Signs: hand-painted wood specialty signs, custom-made
Hand-Painted Wood Signs

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Lunamont Signs ~ Hand-Painted Wood Signs

With over 30 years of experience, at Lunamont Signs we expertly craft custom-made, hand-painted wood specialty signs for all your needs. Whether you're looking for a unique gift for a special occasion, or personalized signs for each department of your business, hand-painted wood signs add a special warmth to any room, home or building that no computer-made vinyl sign can match. What makes us unique is that our signs are custom-made and hand-painted from our own artistic layouts with hand-drafted lettering. We also provide the following services: custom artwork, original logo design and air brushing. Pictured are samples of custom, hand-painted signs on driftwood, carved wood, sand-blasted wood, and a wooden sign with an airbrushed custom rose design.

Airbrushed Sign with Custom Rose Design
Custom Airbrushed Name Sign with a Rose


Specialty Hand-Carved/Painted Sign
Specialty Hand-Carved Sign with Pointing Hand

Specialty Hand-Painted Sign on Driftwood
Specialty Hand-Painted Sign on Driftwood


Sand-Blasted Family Name Sign
Sand Blasted Family Name Sign

Airbrushed Sign on Split Wood
Airbrushed Sign on Split Wood


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